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The Recruiting Process

Understanding that the process is a marathon and not a sprint. It will be key to be patient but have a strategic plan to attend recruiting events and meet deadlines while juggling the everyday life of being a high school student.

Initially, you will need to know when and how to write individual emails to introduce yourself to the coaching staff. There will be a time when you get a lot of feedback and times where things will slow down. We will send short follow up emails refining and updating highlights/stats. The key will be to keep building the recruiting process brick by brick. Remember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Coaching staffs will be extremely busy during the season with their own team. It will be imperative to stay professional and proactive during the process. You need an advocate to communicate to the coaching staffs and build strong relationships through the process. This will help target the right University for you.

Media Training

With Name Image Likeness (NIL) emerging into college athletics, it will be extremely important to brand yourself. Your social media platform will be used as a resume to promote yourself. You will need to know how to communicate with businesses that is looking to partner with a student/athlete. We have professional videographers and photographers to capture you in your best moments to separate yourself from competition. 

Now the media approaches you with a microphone and want to ask a few questions about the game. ARE YOU READY AND PREPARED? Public speaking is a skill and can be difficult at times if you haven’t practiced. Our experienced staff will have you prepared to continue to separate yourself in the recruiting process.

Intense Training and Player Development


Each session is individualized for each player. We will be teaching all-inclusive game skills that translate to the game of basketball. There’s a lot of great trainers, good trainers, and bad trainers. The great trainers will start by building a great relationship with the player so we can develop HIGH IQ players to become more confident during live play. There’s a difference between HIGHLIGHT BASKETBALL PLAYERS and HIGH PERFORMING BASKETBALL PLAYERS. We want you to be able to perform the habits we are teaching you during our sessions in game situations.

Film Study

During high school, college, and at the professional level, you will be required to watch film. We will breakdown your skills from an individual player development standpoint, and from a team’s  perspective. The greatest players in the world will tell you that watching film is a key ingredient to success. Be proactive  and let our staff of professionals coach you during film session to become a better player.

Mentoring Program

We are providing strong, healthy relationships to continue to teach and motivate our future leaders. Our goal is to provide support, guidance, friendship, role modeling, and an attentive ear. Our program ranges from personal development, academic development, athletic development, and career competency/job readiness. 

We also offer mental health services. This program will improve your mental well-being with personalized and group therapy sessions. Unlock your potential and find a balance in your life.  With the combination of physical exercise and educational resources to teach essential life skills, enhance self-confidence, and boost overall mental well-being. We believe that we can help you reach your fullest potential.